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Weight Loss Surgery

Clinic and doctor visits, Weight Loss surgery in hospital, one-night hospitalization, post-operative care, medicines*, recovery, and follow-up

E-Visa Authorization Code
E-visa authorization code. (Note that there is a separate visa fee that the patient must pay when receiving the visa, which it is not part of this package).

Pick-up & Transfer
Airport pick-up, private transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa

8 nights stay in a three-star to five-star hotel offered which is preferably near the clinic or hospital

Other Services
24-hour on-call assistance, interpreter, SIM card and internet

* The medicines and other aftercare items included in this package are the necessary items prescribed by the surgeon. Also, the doctors and hotels and clinics which are included in the package are offered by AriaMedTour to the patient. There may be other doctors whom the patients are considered and the price might be different.
It is highly recommended to bring a companion with you for this surgery as it will facilitate your stay and recovery after the surgery.
It is highly recommended to take endoscopy test in order to verify your stomach health so that it is free of ulcer or helicobacter pylori since any issue with these may lead to the cancellation of the surgery and this is the patient’s liability.
You need to use medicine and supplementary vitamins after the surgery which the patient is responsible for all the expenses.
Finally, please note that the prices are valid for those who are below 130 Kg and for the others you need to contact to get the detailed price. Based on a new policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the citizens of the USA, UK, and Canada are included in different logistic services.


Weight loss surgery is a popular procedure in Iran. According to a report in 2017, more than 7000 bariatric surgeries are annually performed in the country. Iran is also a great destination for foreign people who want to get a safe and affordable bariatric surgery.

Having a bariatric surgery done in Iran has a lot of merits: highly-skilled surgeons, affordable costs, hospitable people, great places to visit, and so on. Since the safety and efficacy of a weight loss surgery is the most important factor, choosing a well-qualified surgeon is of the central importance.

Iranian weight loss surgeons are among the best and most experienced in the world. Having graduated from top medical universities often with the Master of Surgery degree, they pursued advanced fellowships in bariatric surgery at top American and European universities and hospitals.

Bariatric doctors in Iran make use of the most recent medical technologies and approaches to perform weight loss surgeries. Using advanced laparoscopic techniques, Iranian doctors offer minimally-invasive weight loss surgeries of different types.

The fact that one of the most popular weight loss surgery approaches — gastric plication — was originally pioneered by an Iranian surgeon is a testament to the great competence of Iranian doctors in this field.

Depending on the type of weight loss procedure you wish to have, the cost of a weight loss surgery in Iran ranges from $2000 to $5000, including all costs (clinic, tests, medicine). If you prefer to pay for an all-inclusive package that includes all other services such as flight, hotel, transfer, interpreter and so on, a weight loss surgery in Iran would cost you some $500 to $700 more.

To be more specific, the average cost of a gastric sleeve in Iran amounts to $3800 and a gastric bypass costs approximately $4000. AriaMedTour offers sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery for $3990 and $4250, respectively, including airport pick-up, transfer, and interpreter, and the full package of them is offered at $4590 and $4790, which further includes visa, flight, and hotel (see our weight loss packages above to learn more about our bariatric surgery costs and services). In short, you can have a weight loss procedure in Iran at a much lower price compared to other countries, even if you add other costs.

Generally, weight loss surgery is recommended for you in any of the following situations.

Your BMI is above 40;
Your BMI is above 30 and you have specific obesity-related conditions (comorbidities), such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, severe joint pain, and sleep apnea;
You have attempted to lose weight for at least two years but failed to do so;
You have been obese for at least 3-5 years;
You are determined to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.
Depending on your BMI and your conditions, the surgeon chooses the most suitable method among the various bariatric procedures to deliver the most favorable result.

There is no doubt that health risks triggered by obesity surpass the side effects resulted from weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery improves diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and other dangerous conditions, resulting in a better quality of life.

Most studies indicate that over 90 percent of individuals suffering from severe obesity successfully lose 50-80 percent of their excess weight after surgery. Several related studies have revealed that people who have had bariatric surgery have a lower risk of death than individuals who did not have the surgery. See the image below to learn more about the benefits of weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery


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