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Your heart is the most vital part of your body and once an illness hits it, your life will face a real threat. Although many cardiovascular diseases can be controlled with medication, chances are you’re suffering from a heart disease that needs surgery to be cured. If you are looking for the best doctors and hospitals for your heart surgery, Iran is a great choice, as you can have your heart procedure at an affordable price. Fill out the form above or at the end of the page to get a free consultation and a price quote for any heart surgery in Iran and continue reading to learn more.


More than 50 years have passed since the first modern heart surgery was performed in Iran. Over the last half-century, heart surgery in Iran has come a long way. Today, approximately 60,000 cardiac procedures are carried out every year in Iran, with coronary heart bypass, valvar, and aortic surgery being the most common types of cardiac surgery performed in Iran.

Iran is currently leading the Middle East in cardiology thanks to the significant progress it has made in this field and the extensive expertise of Iranian cardiac surgeons. Utilizing up-to-date technologies, Iranian heart surgeons are able to perform the most delicate and complex heart procedures, including different types of open-heart surgery and minimally-invasive heart surgery.

Given the fact that Iran offers cost-effective healthcare services, heart patients from different countries are increasingly becoming interested to travel to Iran for heart surgery. People looking for minimally-invasive or open-heart surgery abroad should find Iran a great choice because of the following reasons:


Cardiovascular procedures are highly expensive treatments, especially when they are not covered by insurance. This is why many patients who cannot afford the huge cost of their heart procedure at home consider undergoing heart surgery abroad.

Owing to many factors, including low taxes, low cost of living, and the depreciation of Iranian currency against foreign currencies, the cost of cardiac surgery in Iran is much lower than many other countries. Therefore, if you need a heart surgery and are looking for affordable options, Iran will be a great choice.

By traveling to Iran for cardiac surgery, even if you add the travel and accommodation expenses, you will save a large portion of the money you would spend on the same procedure in your country. What follows is a comparison of a few types of heart surgery prices in Iran and some other countries. Note that these are only rough figures and may be different from what you see somewhere else and they depend on a lot of factors. More exact prices for heart surgery in Iran will be provided upon request.


Heart Surgery USA Costa Rica Colombia Jordan S. Korea Mexico Israel Thailand Malaysia Poland Singapore Turkey Iran
Heart Bypass $123,000 $27,000 $14,800 $14,400 $26,000 $27,000 $28,000 $15,000 $12,100 $14,000 $17,200 $13,900 -
Angioplasty $28,200 $13,800 $7,100 $5,000 $17,700 $10,400 $7,500 $4,200 $8,000 $5,300 $13,400 $4,800 -
Heart Valve Replacement $170,000 $30,000 $10,450 $14,400 $39,900 $28,200 $28,500 $17,200 $13,500 $19,000 $16,900 $17,200 -


Iranian cardiac surgeons possess profound knowledge of the latest techniques for cardiovascular surgery. Not only do Iranian specialists continuously advance their theoretical and practical knowledge to keep up with the latest scientific findings and medical technologies, but they also make notable contributions to the advancement of cardiology and heart surgery, some of them winning worldwide recognition.

One example is Professor Tofy Mussivand, an Iranian-Canadian cardiac surgeon and medical engineer who invented the Artificial Cardiac Pump, among other inventions. This device is intended to take over the function of the heart during cardiac surgery when the heart needs to be temporarily stopped. Professor Mussivand is currently Chair and Director of the Cardiovascular Devices Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

The remarkable skills and expertise of Iranian cardiac surgeons have led to major achievements in cardiac surgery in Iran and the self-sufficiency of the country in this field. Today, the most difficult and delicate heart operations are performed by the dexterous Iranian surgeons at Iranian hospitals.


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