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Any surgical procedure in general, and a tummy tuck — also known as abdominoplasty — in particular, needs important considerations for a fast recovery and a low risk of complications. A person who undergoes a tummy tuck, in addition to a list of foods physicians recommend to eat before the operation, will need a systematic post-surgery diet as it plays an important role in the healing process, having a direct impact on the tissue reconstruction and regeneration as well as the recovery process, in general.

By following a special post-operative diet after a tummy tuck surgery, patients can reduce the side effects of their abdominoplasty.

The post-tummy tuck diet is a list of foods doctors recommend patients to eat during the first week following the surgery.


Processed foods: promote inflammation. Patients should avoid eating processed foods, especially carbohydrates like bread, rice, and cereal.

Alcohol and cigarettes: slow the body’s healing process and thin the blood. Physicians recommend avoiding alcohol and smoking generally from 2 weeks before to 3 weeks after surgery.

Salt: avoid salty foods for at least two to four months after tummy tuck. This is mostly because it may cause body bloat and nobody wants that after a tummy tuck!

Soda: leads to gas and bloating.

Fat: “Fat is the enemy!” Yes, keep this in mind. You have undergone tummy tuck only to get rid of your fats; if you expect a promising result, you should accept the limitations in your diet and take a different lifestyle with exercise and nutritional considerations on the top.

“Not all fat is bad!” Keep this in mind, too. Bad fat is saturated fat that is solid at room temperature and is found in most animal products, as well as fried and processed foods.

Just because you have got rid of fat deposits does not mean that all types of fats are bad. A healthy amount of good fat is essential for your health. The sources of good fat are olive oil, fruits like avocados, nuts, and grains.

A post-op diet does not limit or cut delicious foods, but only creates a healthy lifestyle through restraining unhealthy foods and encouraging healthy and nutritious foods. Therefore, it is important to follow certain dietary guidelines after your abdominoplasty and control your daily intake of calories, fat, sugar, salt, etc.


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