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Everyone dreams of being beautiful! They purchase their dream by going after various cosmetic surgeries. However, some people, for several reasons, might hesitate toward the decision of undergoing a surgery. Those people seek non-surgical alternatives hoping that they get the results they dream of. This article answers some of the questions about non-surgical rhinoplasty: What are the nonsurgical procedures of rhinoplasty? Can they really substitute surgery? Please continue reading to be more informed about non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures.


  • The most famous nonsurgical rhinoplasty is dermal filler nose job also called liquid nose job.
  • Liquid nose job is only suitable for people with small nasal bumps and slightly droopy tips.
  • Laser rhinoplasty is only suitable for people with small noses and small curves on them.
  • Ultrasonic rhinoplasty can deal only with simple deformities and modify the curves of the nose.
  • Nonsurgical techniques for nose job are more affordable than traditional rhinoplasty but offer temporary results compared with the permanent results of surgical nose job.



Non-surgical nose job is a new invention in the field of cosmetic procedures. It is called 15-minute nose job. This type of procedures has given the chance to make changes to the shape of the nose without skin cuts or incisions and at a short period of time. So, instead of being under the knife, all it takes is a sting, laser pulses, or ultrasounds.

There are three main types of nonsurgical nose job, which we discuss in the following sections.


Liquid nose job is an injectable filler that changes the shape of the nose for 6 months.

This method is used for filling the empty space in the nose to hide the bumps caused by the deviated septum and making the nose angular.

Who are the candidates for liquid nose job?

People resort to liquid nose jobs for several reasons such as:

  • They have small nasal bumps and slightly droopy tips.
  • They fear anesthesia complications.
  • They are hesitant about undergoing a permanent surgery.
  • They are concerned about the insecurities, risks, and results of the traditional surgery.

How to prepare for liquid rhinoplasty?

There are different materials used as injectable fillers. The instructions are given by the doctor according to the utilized filler. However, the following preparations are general:

  1. Inform the doctor if you are on any type of medication.
  2. If you are using any blood thinners, you need to stop using them for 10 days before the procedure.
  3. Avoid aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications.
  4. Increase your vitamin k levels to reduce the occurrence of bruises.
  5. Drink enough water and eat before the procedure. Do not eat too much or you will feel nauseous.

How does liquid nose job work?

It is performed in an outpatient clinic. First, the patient lies down. The doctor cleans and sanitizes the surface of the nose. Then, a thin needle is injected in the desired areas. The doctor uses their hands to spread the filler equally in both sides. After the procedure is over, the patient is given aftercare instructions and free to go home.


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